Sore head mornings and self-condemned nights!


Do we fit into this world?
Is it worth the risk? We are falling. Each day. Every moment.
Our hearts as though shingles toiling to coalesce and combine.
Straining hard, failing again.
Dying a little bit every day.
Betraying the soul.
The soul which was meant to be kept sacred.
Eyes filled with strange idiosyncrasy and curiosity,
gasping at the pitch dark clouds.
The aerospace and atmosphere resembling our tender minds
as Auburn and black as the destructive weather around.

The next moment, our eyes start shining. They start illuminating.
Amidst the fissures and ruptured clouds,
we see a blaze- unpigmented and uncoloured.
An interlining of luminosity and light making its way through the coal black sky.
In that very hour, we are alive – breathing again.

Once again, we decide to risk it all.
Once again, we decide to fall!

Illustration: The Reflection VI by Tomasz-Mro

Jyotika - The Yellow Wall Author

Jyotika Sabharwal

Second Year Economics Hons., Symbiosis College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Author: Guest Submission

The aim of this section is predominantly to provide a platform for The Guest Post submissions for The Yellow Wall. And also to introduce new contributors and establish their credibility.

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