Love, the girl who never stood a chance


Dear friend,

Today I will tell you something you need to know,
Something that I hold close to my heart.
Today I’ll tell you all about her, the way I have seen her.

I see she is falling in love with you the way I fell for her.
And when she speaks of you her eyes twinkle,
And her heart beats the way she makes mine jump.
There is a spark in her soul, a light in her existence,
She makes one want to live again.
And the way her face brightens up when she talks about you
I’m sure you must be made of special stardust.
You are dealing with a warm life that makes people laugh,
That wants to look into everyone’s past, fix them up.
There is a constant selfless effort to keep making this world better.
She walks gracefully on earth,
Leaving her warmth and mark on every life she touches.
You haven’t seen her in the dark, I have.
She lights up everything around,
Even makes friends with the darkness itself.
And I fell for her the way one jumps from a cliff.
Scared at first, wanting to move away, yet wanting to fly.
And then all at once,
You’re falling to hit the ground yet you’re free.
And suddenly you are flying in her grasp,
her wings become yours, she picks you up.
But I wonder who picks her up when she falls
If only she accepted my hands and my broken wings.
But she won’t, so here we are discussing her heart,
Making sure you’re there to hold her hand forever.
And then, when she flies, you fly with her,
When she laughs, you laugh with her
You won’t have to put much effort
to make her feel on the top of her world.
All you need is to stay beside her,
Put hand in her hand,
And hold her so close that
She learns to fly higher and higher.
And there you will see her flying like the angel that she is
And she will make sure you fly with her too.
And she will make you live and laugh.
So my dear friend,
Now that she is all yours,
Live a little more.

The girl who never stood a chance.

Author: Angana

A bibliophile. A vagabond at heart but most importantly a Gryffindor. I love writing about everyday life.

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