What is love?

The wintry stirring of the air at the littoral,

stirred her body and raised bumps on her skin.

She gripped his frigid palms and crisp white shirt,

burying her face in his chest,

savouring her nostrils with the whiff of his cologne.

His heart was pulsating steadily,

seeming like a passionate yet calm euphony to her.

Have you ever spent an evening in your backyard basking in the sun,

when you suddenly notice that everything goes quiet.

An intriguing and precarious tranquility and serenity hits your bosom,

piercing its way within and small dribbles of gore and blood gently ooze.

She felt atrociously painful yet fiercely peaceful and harmonious.

The lyrical melody as though a needle delicately sewed, all her tattered, rugged, jagged, broken and pitted moles on her soul,

offering them to appear holy and pious again.

Once again, he clasped her inches closer to himself, gently soothing and nuzzling her.

Well, what is Love?
Love is power.
Love is strength.


Jyotika - The Yellow Wall Author

Jyotika Sabharwal

Economics Hons. student at Symbiosis College of Arts, Science and Commerce

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