About Us

what is the yellow wall mag?


The brainchild of two Indian girls in their 20s, The Yellow Wall Mag was established in 2017 with a view to providing writings that are the opposite of mundane to our readers. We realized that there was a lack of content on topics that were diverse and that there exist so many stories that no one ever bothered to write about. Hence, The Yellow Wall Mag, which is a dais to anyone who wants to create, make aware, scream their heart out about what’s bothering them or just simply pen down their thoughts and experiences – which is the driving force of our mag, basically. 

Here’s a little more about us!

Sailee Dhobe author on The Yellow Wall Mag

Sailee Dhobe
An extroverted introvert, I manage to put my thoughts into words. I am also constantly on a mission to discover new obsessions and drag my friends into it. 

Komal Dhobe author on The Yellow Wall Mag

Komal Dhobe

I immediately say ‘yes’ to new experiences and figure the shit out later. I make and follow my own path and have fun along the way. I fancy reading fascinating books, manga, and space poems. Whining about societal problems (and writing about the same) is something I do a lot.

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