Compassion and why we should practice it

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In my view, the best of humanity is in our exercise of empathy and compassion. It’s when we challenge ourselves to walk in the shoes of someone whose pain or plight might seem so different than yours that it’s almost incomprehensible.

Sarah McBride

The internet is working slowly.

I have attended 4 meetings today. I’m tired.

The AC in the office is not cooling like every day!

How comfortable it is to commute in a car!

I will buy the gadget on my next billing cycle.

We planned a Goa trip, on the next long weekend!

The company is ready for a 30% hike only!

Let’s make a team outing next week.

Feels familiar to you!

Every day you may have thought, listened or have a conversations like these with your office. There is nothing wrong in getting ourselves in a better and comfortable life, isn’t it?

I was also in the same thought process as most of the people around us tend to think in everyday life.

But a small event that led me to re-think about my life happened recently.

On the last Christmas eve, we are all busy in making plans for the long due vacation in the Christmas holiday. There is partying mood all over in the office. We enjoyed the so famous secret Santa game and shared gifts with each other as usual.

This year it was completely different. We received a proposal from an NGO about celebrating the joy of giving event with them. In no time everyone got agreed to celebrate this event according to NGO Plan.

This is one of my finest charitable rendezvous with my colleagues. It was when there is DAAN UTSAV (

Last December, with colleagues, I celebrated the secret Santa event at a shelter home.

The event was simple. We received the wish cards from the kids of the shelter home managed by the NGO. Everyone has to fulfill at least one wish they received being Santa for that kid.

We startled by looking at the wish cards of all children, those are not indeed as things we can offer as a gift. Most of the wishes were everyday essential/things like:

A school bag,

A raincoat,

A school shoe,

A football,

A sketchbook,

A pizza.

I never imagined before, eating pizza could be a luxury  to someone.

We all went to the shelter home to celebrate the event with them.  We brought gifts and cake.  Kids were all happy as they came to know about our visit. They made the dance performance as our welcome gesture. We could see the happy faces all around the house. It was a soul-satisfying minute we all encounter.

There is always something to be thankful for

Every day we are busy in making complaints about all small things. But after visiting the shelter home, I realized how blessed we are.

Every day we keep occupying ourselves in so many unnecessary things. The more we see around us the higher we keep expectations from ourselves and from others as well. Over the long haul, the thoughts it leads to the frustration only.

If you feel like you are not moving in pace with the world, take a small break – a break to free up your filled mind. A break to calibrate your thoughts to positive vibes.

The event, the happy faces of those kids, in fact, made me think how blessed we are!

Remember, there are lots of individuals out there, daydreaming to experience a lifestyle you live daily. Value it.

Prasad Joshi
Prasad Joshi

I’m a software engineer by profession and a designer by passion.
I love to spend my free time painting sketches. I’m a foodie and in the league of GOT lover.

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