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Seeking amazing ways to learn a foreign language? Then read on.

Vocabulary and numbers are always hard to memorise while learning any foreign language. The Internet is filled with blogs to help you out with ways to memorise the same, but today I’ll tell you the fun and amazing ways to learn a language that I learnt during my course time.

Level Beginner

1. Write-a-fun-story Game
Trust me, this game helped me big time when I was having a hard time learning vocabulary – especially for Japanese.
Every day we learn anywhere around 5-20 words. Compose a random story, though, it has to be funny and as random as possible because we humans tend to remember something that’s witty or weird. Initially, you can start with five lines per day.

fun ways to learn foreign language on The Yellow Wall Mag, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, English

Let me explain with an instance.
I had a omoshiroi yume. I was strolling and kicking ishi. As I walked further, I saw a saru sitting under ooki kasa in midori kusa. Further down the michi I saw a kawaii mise so I went inside. Mise no hito was a kirei onna, she had aaoi hair and was selling hasami. I left the mise without buying anything. Just then, haha woke me up.

2. Read-the-number-plate Game
Not to brag, but, this one is self-invented. The reason I get a lesser score in the Listening section than any other sections is that it is hard for me to process the numbers faster. Of course, you haven’t learnt any foreign language until now so it’s bound to be difficult, so, worry not!

fun ways to learn foreign language on The Yellow Wall Mag, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, English

All you have to do is read number plates of vehicles, really. Or you can also try reading the number in your native language, memorize it and then translate it into your practising language. Rather try this trick wherever and whenever you see a number displayed. It can literally also be on a billboard for all we care.

3. Extensions!!!
: Mainichi is the best for learning Japanese vocabulary, katakana and memorizing kanji.
French: French conjugation – Extension lets you conjugate a verb in all tenses, in all modes and all forms. It also lets you find synonyms and antonyms of verbs. You can listen to the pronunciation of a verb, consult a list of common verbs, find similar verb conjugations and the list just goes on. There are many other such Chrome extensions.
German: This extension is great for learning German for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards, etc.

fun ways to learn foreign language on The Yellow Wall Mag, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, English, grammar

4. Self-Dictation Game
Here, you have to record around ten numbers in your sound recording app. Take a five minutes break, play the recording, and try to write the numbers by listening.

You have to remember the following things while recording
a. Numbers should at least be a 4-digit number or more. If you can write larger ones easily then you definitely won’t have a problem with smaller ones.
b. Between each number, there should be a pause of 5 seconds so that you get time to write each number properly.

Level Intermediate or above

1. Craft a poem
Hand over your language textbook to your sibling or anyone in the family, tell them to randomly circle around 15-20 words from any single page. When they are done, just pen down circled words on a piece of paper and start crafting a poem using those words.

fun ways to learn foreign language on The Yellow Wall Mag, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, English

Of course, you’re allowed to google. Google for phrases while you’re at it.
If you’re done with poem then you can try and go for a short story – only you have to consider word count for around 30-50, depending on the length of your story.

2. Change the tense
My sister told me about this game and I am thankful to her. This game can also be played as a group activity.
Pick any short story from the internet and try writing in different tenses! This really makes your tenses perfect and makes you realize how the same story can be told in every tense.

So, minna san, that was all. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you know or want to know more tips and games, do comment below. Because the more fun you have while learning a foreign language the more you get to better it!

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