Hand-picked Gay Webtoons for #PrideMonth


Reading webtoons at night before sleeping has somewhat become like a religion to me. Who doesn’t like reading webcomics? First of all, they’re creative as hell and second, they’re so interesting and small that you’d finish reading one in a couple of days. If you’re anything like me who loves reading content with great culture and character diversity then this subsequent piece is for you!

Here I present you the list of hand-picked webtoons with queer protagonists. Kanpai!


1. Sunny Side Skies

Sunny Side Skies webtoon on The Yellow Wall Mag
This webtoon is so fluffy, I die every time the update comes. It is the opposite of cliché. Adam is an aloof guy who lacks direction in his life and so is working in a coffee house. There he meets Chase. Chase is an extrovert guy while Adam an introvert. They develop a bond by helping each other out in different situations. I love this webtoon and really like its occasional chibi art!
Genre: Slice of life | Comedy
Artist: soaporsalad


2. Husband And Husband

Husband and Husband webtoon on The Yellow Wall Mag
Don’t miss out on day-to-day romedy and watch out for two nerdy, geeky, gamer guys. This webtoon has got everything. It has witty humour, post-marriage fluff, cute and cuddly romantic relatable life; these boys sure are going to steal your heart.
Genre: Comedy


3. Always Human

Always human webtoon on The Yellow Wall Mag

Read this beautiful story about two girls falling in love with each other in the most beautiful way possible, along with just as amazing background music. This is a sci-fi comic set in distant future where Sunati is always fascinated about Austen and is looking for a chance to talk to her. And then when she gets one, she couldn’t resist herself but to ask Austen out on a date. I know! I know! I won’t spoil much, so just hit the subscribe button and get reading.
Genre: Romance
Artist: walkingnorth


4. Life Outside the Circle

This is an especially great story because it is based in a very small village in Finland called Ikkelajarvi. The main characters are a sweet bisexual dad, his little daughter and of course, the dad’s lover, who is, by the way, a trans man of colour. The art style is really beautiful and the webtoon is a mix of romance, drama and comedy. Read on to find out how Juha and Sami’s lives intertwine beautifully.
Genre: Romance
Artist: H-P Lehkonen


5. Valentine

Valentine webtoon on The Yellow Wall Mag
When you’ll start reading this comic, maybe you’ll wonder if it’s cliché, but trust me it’s not. The art is so stunning, it just gets better. The same thing is with the characters. On a fine Valentine’s Day, Alex receives a ‘secret valentine’ from none other than Max (who is a Russian *_*). Alex is not homophobic but he’s absolutely not gay or so he says. Wondering how they’re going to end up together? Read on to know.
Note: This webtoon has yaoi content.
Genre: Romance | Slice of life
Artist: Seni-Arseni


6. My Dictator Boyfriend

Immanuel has taken the reigns over the nation. He is probably the sweetest leader you’d ever have ruling your nation but not everyone is a fan of him, especially not his dad! Immanuel is gay and is trying to prove himself to his father one small step at a time while also most definitely crushing hard on his bodyguard, Jean Jacques. An enjoying story and to top it all is the witty humour you’ll really admire!
Genre: Comedy
Artist: Teo / Guy

Bonus Webtoons!!!!

Bi-Assed by The Purple Alien

Up and Out by Julia Kaye

Green & Gold by lisadorina

Les Normaux by Al and JJ

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