Interactive Introverts in Mumbai

interactive introverts dan and phil

I did not die out of blitheness and it is a wonder to me as my heart literally stopped when I saw Dan and Phil in front of me. I could not believe my eyes or my fate; they were attending hardly 300 metres from me. All I remember doing was screaming and asking my sis, “Holy shit, Sailee! They’re real and they’re here? Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing them!”


The show began with Dan’s playlist playing in the background while we all worked towards finding our seats. There were about 500 people – including reluctant parents of some. I’d be lying if I said Dan and Phil’s entrance wasn’t dramatic. It’s like they emerged from the shadows. And that’s how the show began, with the clueless audience faces, because we really didn’t know what to expect (even if their promo promised “giving people what they want.” And guess what, we really got what we wanted. Surely, the show was filled with a lot of small segments.


interactive introverts
This banner that Dan said was cute and totally took home with him.


I am genuinely glad I am in the Phandom because being an introvert millennium you can relate to them on so many levels. They talked about depression, anxiety in the most subtle way possible, accompanied by great humour. The Interactive Introverts was about embracing who you are; your identity sometimes gets crushed in the mob. You as an individual might think of following the herd for the sake of feeling left out. They created an entire series of interesting games through which they actually talked to us. Nobody does that. Not even for a minute I felt that I was left out.


What really stole our hearts was how the Dan and Phil on the stage, standing in front of us, were, really, how they’re on the YouTube. I mean, they were not like other white artists – who really feel foreign once you see them in real life. No, Dan and Phil were different. They felt home. Usually, even brown celebrities wanna make fun of Indian culture or the like. I couldn’t believe how down to earth and grounded Dan and Phil were. Like, seriously, it was like hanging out with someone I have known for years – someone both real and familiar.


If you were to ask us how the Interactive Introverts show in Mumbai was, we’d probably not know how to fully respond. We’d quite frankly still be dazed. It was all so dreamlike. But we’ll have you know, our hearts were utterly and completely filled.
To further describe and to conclude, we’d say the show was absolutely phantastic.


Co-authored by Komal and Sailee ❤️

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  1. this is so cute and it makes me SO frekaing sad that i couldn’t attend but so many people did wow that’s really nice. this post is so good and wholesome go you! to whoever wrote this you are great !

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