What is love?

love poem

The wintry stirring of the air at the littoral, stirred her body and raised bumps on her skin. She gripped his frigid palms and crisp white shirt, burying her face in his chest, savouring her nostrils with the whiff of his cologne. His heart was pulsating steadily, seeming like a passionate yet calm euphony to her. Have you ever spent […] Read More

Hand-picked Gay Webtoons for #PrideMonth


Reading webtoons at night before sleeping has somewhat become like a religion to me. Who doesn’t like reading webcomics? First of all, they’re creative as hell and second, they’re so interesting and small that you’d finish reading one in a couple of days. If you’re anything like me who loves reading content with great culture and character diversity then this […] Read More

Kickass Women From History You Need To Know About Now!

badass women from history on The Yellow Wall Mag

Throughout history, gender inequality persists and women have fought courageously and tirelessly to assert themselves as individuals and experts in their field, something most men have had the luxury of taking for granted! We live in a world where fashion, trends, politics, etc. can alter with a hashtag as quickly as a heartbeat, meaning finding timeless inspiration can sometimes seem […] Read More

While traversing through the unknown


Traversing through the unknown… Getting to know the world and its woes… Fighting the dark and its crippling noises… In the quest to find a serene place… I knocked the door of a temple, thinking of it as a door to ethereal happiness and sanctity… Little did I know that I would find it all smeared in blood… Blood that […] Read More


toxic parents

It takes time. Believe me, it does. To realize that you have toxic parents. Especially, if you’re anything like me. The stage of denial always comes first. You deny the fact that your parents – or anyone’s – could be toxic. Because you have been conditioned to think highly and positively of your parents. But get this, some just don’t […] Read More