What happened to the souls that we used to be?

We all are stranger creatures than when we all started out as kids.
– Glowing Eyes, Twenty One Pilots

No, seriously? What happened to the lively, determined, adventurous and exuberant souls that we used to be?

We never used to give up as a kid, no matter what. We used to be like the sea: always fighting. You might not remember your first walk but you still mastered it. Also, all those times when we were learning to ride a bike or to read and to write, we did those things because we and our parents invested our best efforts into it. That belief of theirs made us believe in ourselves.

During the process of growing up, our thoughts get scattered. We don’t have enough experience to handle the situations the way adults do. We are constantly experimenting to see what’s working for us and what’s not. Being a kid, our parents or adults in our immediate surroundings almost never took our actions seriously or believe in us the way they used to do, because no one takes what a kid has to say seriously (and there is always this generation gap) and we, intentionally or unintentionally, start to give up on things, however trivial those things might be.

If you live an ordinary life, everyone will accept you. Do ordinary things and people will believe in you. That is why ignorant people are happy in their bubble. You kind of get the equation of how this world works. We go to the University and we just shut up. We want to avoid problems because we have things to hide or to protect. We do not trust ourselves enough to make new friends or are afraid of stating opinions. We eventually learn to kill our dreams. To put it another way, a part of our heart dies, we hardly care about anything and cherish very little things in life.

basketball diary souls

Source: The Breakfast Club

Isn’t it crazy? Everything seemed possible when we were kids. Our imagination knew no bounds. We all wanted to become astronauts or scientists. But while growing up, somehow, we end up thinking, and eventually, believing that becoming an astronaut is actually way out of our league. What were we even thinking? When society tells us to go for safer options in life, say while choosing a career, they give us baseless opinions: ”Get an MBA degree, and you’ll do fine,” they say. And you believe them because that’s what kids do.

They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
– Teenagers, My Chemical Romance

And finally, we graduate and get a job. Oh yes! We are proper Wikipedia definition of an adult now! According to Wikipedia, adults are regarded as independent, self-sufficient, and responsible human beings. But are we really any of those things? Are we really ready to shoulder responsibilities? Here’s the thing: We are not. We still think of our parents as superheroes; we believed it for a fact that they could almost fight any evil and that they knew the answers to everything.

For some of us, it comes easy, but some others learn the hard way that – SPOILER ALERT! – our parents are not, in fact, superheroes. That’s what the 10yr old us thought. They are as helpless as you are. Try telling them about the environment or climate change, they will probably say something like “Okay”. Because adults don’t listen to kids, and by the time we are old enough for people to listen to us, we, too, might have already learnt to ignore it.

Author: Komal

A Gryffindor through & through. One day I hope to discover the secrets of the universe. P.S. I swear on river Styx that I am up to no good.

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