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Learning a foreign language is a great experience. And if you’re anything like me, you are constantly making efforts to finding out new phrases and music to improve your language. You probably also have followed multiple people who educate you on the language on literally every social media account just to get that much edge over your classmates. But if you think that that’s still not enough (because believe me, it never is), then you ought to probably try these tips! Let’s get started.

Read (and pay attention!):

Get your hands on all the reading material that is available. So it can be your course books, a novel, comics or even an online magazine/newspaper. Pay close attention to the words and phrases you’re unfamiliar with so you can Google them later. Once the basics are done, you can start with the grammar; start noticing the tense of the sentence and such.

Keep a journal:

This is my personal favourite. Make a nice journal and begin jotting down amazing phrases – they can be motivational phrases, day-to-day phrases, formal conversational phrases, etc. What makes this activity my personal favourite is that I think writing phrases improves your vocabulary while also helping you with the Writing part of the language you’re learning. It has helped me make my essays more beautiful!

Talk with your dog (or cat):

I’m not kidding, this works like magic. Think of one phrase/sentence in your Native language, translate it into the language you’re learning and repeat it incessantly whilst talking with your dog or cat. The sentence can be as simple as: What do you like to do in your free time?  

Why not try this with friends and family, you ask? Because I tried and they get annoyed really quick, so…           Animals FTW. Or you can talk with yourself. So if you’re learning Japanese, instead of saying “I ate a strawberry today” say “I ate a イチゴ (Ichigo) today”

Make that (much-needed) playlist:

Music is honestly the most useful and entertaining way to learn a foreign language. Because listening to songs also helps with the pronunciation. You ought to start with easy songs where you can make out the lyrics and try to sing along. If you’re at the Beginner Level of your language course, I’d advise you to learn at least 2 simple songs. It may sound like too much trouble, but seriously, isn’t life too short? (And come on, its music, after all!)

You can view my YouTube Playlists if you don’t know where to begin!




Binge watching:

Let’s be real, there is no harm in Binge watching movies and TV Series. In fact, I’m pretty sure most of us find this much easier an option. So it can be KDrama if you’re learning Korean and Anime if you’re learning Japanese. It won’t be long until you start understanding the easier phrases and the satisfaction that gives is profound!

Talk with strangers:

There exist a multitude of conversation exchange portals online where you can chat with people from different parts of the world. A few language exchange website that I know of are Conversation Exchange, The Mixxer and Speaky. If you’re chatting with a Native speaker, then that really helps with the colloquial usage of the language.

You can become friends with me on my Speaky here:

Happy Learning!

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