A twenty-something’s advice to girls in their 20s

girls in their 20s

It’s like yesterday you were 19 and today you’re 20, and every adult in your life has lost their minds. Everything was fun and games until yesterday and today people are expecting things from you. This situation isn’t gonna change even when you reach late 20s. Trust me!
As fearsome as it may sound, Adulthood is exciting as well as is such a phase where your excuses hardly matter, and you have to take responsibilities for your actions. The worst part is when people around us are of no use with helping us out, either.

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Here is some advice by a twenty-something to help you survive the most exciting phase of life. Let’s get started, shall we?

1: Acknowledge Your Strengths:
“You’re an adult now!” – you probably will be hearing this a lot because every adult around will keep reminding you, I mean what if (just in case) you forget?
Adulthood is a stage in life just as childhood or adolescence. So despite of what others may say, you have to understand that you don’t learn things The Adult Way overnight, even though you manage to become adult overnight.
For me, acknowledging my strengths has always been difficult. But I started looking for clues like for instance, what actually makes me happy and if I can pursue the same for a living. It’s more like understanding your interests more closely.
I think it is important to understand your true-self because you might not love doing things which you’re actually good at. Writing a diary once in a while can help in many ways like knowing and getting used to your strengths and weaknesses etc. You can mention things like the to-do list for the day, the mood of the day, things that made you happy or sad, or a situation you handled smartly or could have handled in better way and stuff like that.

2. Establish Beliefs or Principles:
Have opinions about things that matter. Opinions give you freedom to think for yourself. Stand up for your rights no matter how trivial you think those are. Set some ground rules for yourself. For instance, not skiving lectures more than twice a week, saving up some amount of money per month, taking out some time to pursue a hobby, trying to be braver or maybe drinking two bottles of water a day. As easy as that.happy & brave The Yellow Wall Mag3. Discover (the Secrets of the Universe):
Don’t at all hesitate to discover new things – music, people, places or literally anything. Enjoy all the flavors of life (and of ice cream, of course!). Discovering things as exciting as it is, will never leave you empty handed in the end. These things will help you discover yourself – a true self discovery.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to know where you belong on this Planet Earth or know your reason to be here and to be able to make a difference? Whoever says “Curiosity killed the cat” shut them up with “but satisfaction brought it back.”

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You are never going to be this young again and you know what? You have nothing to lose.

4. Be Socially Aware:
Ignorance is bliss but it still is very important to be aware of things that’s been happening around you and the world. Our parents raise us to look out for ourselves and very little for others; (here, the motto behind this is mainly to protect us) but being an adult gives you freedom to think for yourself. You can decide what is wrong and what is right for yourself.
One doesn’t need to be a Wonder Woman to do wonderful or extraordinary things. Here are some wonderful things through which you can help others; and Planet Earth because hey, we’ve only got one.

    • Signing petitions (trust me, it at least helps in acknowledging the issue)
    • March for rights (it feels great chanting slogans on the top of your voices and gives you spirit to fight for your rights even more)
    • Spread awareness through blogging or vlogging (or you can help with your Photoshop or video editing skills to someone in need)
    • If you’re good at talking or counselling then maybe you could spare some hours to talk to people dealing with mental health and other such difficult topics
    • Volunteer for a cause! Literally nothing speaks satisfaction more better than volunteering.

5Love Unconditionally:
Love is the greatest superpower in the world. Throw it around like confetti.

“Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them.” ― Elvis Presley

Hating takes more efforts while loving is as easy as breathing. Love art, animals, nature, good books and music. Do more of the things that you love doing. Meet your favourite people. Visit your favourite places in the city. Binge- watch the TV shows you love or reread your favourite books. And most importantly, love people.

6. Follow Your Heart, Chase It!
There is a different energy in working to make your own dreams come true. It will truly make you feel alive. No matter what you do never let go of your dreams. Regrets are always the worst and anxieties like wish I’d done that or my life would have been different if I had little courage back then! the list is never ending.
Sometimes it may happen that following your heart won’t lead you to where you wanted to be or maybe it won’t make you feel as content or satisfied as you thought you’d be. Sometimes, things don’t work out and THAT’S OKAY. IT’S OKAY TO FUCK UP! Because if you’ll never shoot you’ll never know.

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7. Manage Your Finances Like a Pro!
The greatest favour you can do for yourself is by being economically independent.
If you’re confused about your career then you can list down all the things that you’re good at and get paid for the same. Try getting an internship, try out different domains because there could be a huge gap between expectation and reality of your dream career. An internship could help you figure out if a certain career actually interests you. Most importantly, never work for free, see that you get at least your daily commute expenses covered.

8. Spread Girl Love:
Very important indeed! We need to stand with other girls, support them. We are all heading in the same direction – with the same goal – fighting the patriarchy. It is not going to be easy but it never was. It is not just a fight for equality but fight for our existence as well. We cannot do it without each others’ help. We are able to get an education because of some brave women who fought for us in history. We need to do the same. Even taking a little courageous step at a time is enough!

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9. Respect Yourself:
I cannot stress enough how important this is. You and only yourself are the owner of your body, your mind, your skin, your everything. I’ve been told by people that ‘Hey! It’s just a touch, it’s not like I’m raping you!’ No one gets to decide how (even a small touch) makes you feel but you. Do not let them get to you by making YOU feel guilty for THEIR actions.
For instance, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them so. They ought to know that whatever they’re suggesting, you’re certainly not up for it. And most importantly, get out of toxic relationships. You don’t need to waste your energy on negative people.

10. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:get out of comfort zone - The Yellow Wall Mag

It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world. – John Green

It is hard indeed just to even think about it and also actually doing it. But once you get over that fear, there’s nothing that can stop you. Take that class you always wanted to, quit that job you hate so much, take that solo trip you’ve been planning to since ages. Because, really, comfort zones are overrated.

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