HER – The strength of a woman

the strength of a woman

Does it hurt to see her succeed? Does it make you sad to watch her struggle through everything and make a name for herself? Does it not make sense that a woman is walking toe to toe with men? Does it make you feel jealous if she is one step ahead than anyone?

If no, then why not support her? Why not praise her for her hard work? Why not let her be the way she wants to be? Why not?

Why are women always judged, called out and shamed without even thinking for a bit on how they are feeling and what stuff they are going through? If a woman is living her life even a bit different from the “designed track” it becomes very hard for the society to even comprehend the fact that, yes! she can do this because she has all the rights! Right to live and to express herself in whatever manner she wants to.

There are not many strengths of a woman which the society speaks of. They are filled with radiant energy that sparks up any person.

The strength of a woman is the kind-hearted ways she displays forever, unlike men who want to show their strength through sheer power and money which is an utter nuisance because it’s the heart, not the muscles that makes a peaceful and lovable environment.

The strength of a woman is her smile. It is that what takes someone to the highest place with a glimpse of hope, a hope which cries out “yes! You can do it”

The strength of a woman is her unique style to be humble; a heart that warms a soul when your stars are all wrong.

The strength of a woman is her way of expressing emotions which she conveys with her soulful eyes.

The strength of a woman is her devotion towards her partner whenever there’s a dilemma. It’s her inspiring and motivational solution with vocabulary she uses to give advice, making him/her feel great.

The strength of a woman is her gentle touch filled with depth of emotions which anyone loves so much.

The strength of a woman is her intellectual mind which the society is always willing to shut down and she somehow finds a way to shut them down instead.

The strength of a woman is her versatile way with words as she speaks without any spirit of guile.

The strength of a woman is learning how to love when she has been hurt over and over again. It’s her spiritual love that anyone will be happy to have.

Just give her time and your support and watch her go. A man surely won’t — as the history speaks — but a woman will and definitely can change the world. I am happy that I am surrounded by many strong, hard-working, gentle and caring women in my life, from my mother, sisters and friends who have consciously and unconsciously shown how much strength and positivity they hold.

Author: Sudeep

I got gaming, rhyming and procrastination in my DNA. I am not smart, I just have glasses.

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