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This year’s Pride Month has been very great to me. And I’d like to share a little something with you guys. I made a list of some of my favourite LGBTQ themed short films I watched on YouTube. They are great because they’re gay and also won’t take much of your time!

Here they are.


I can never not re-watch this film, I love it so. This is a story of a teen, Emilia, who feels trapped in his own body. It depicts the difficulties of being a transgender in a regressive society. Emilia’s mother wants him to be a proper girl and wear pretty dresses and absolutely does not approve of Emilia’s ‘boyish’ behaviour. Emilia then goes on to admit that he is a boy and has had enough of his mother’s expectations of him.
The real question is: does it end on a happy note? Yes, it does!

Boy Trans short film

You can watch the film here.

Goodbye, Charley
Although this film is sad, it is also not the typical let’s-give-the-audience-the-gay-and-end-it-sad kind. What’s also different about this film is that it is supernatural. Charley is a boy who is dead but isn’t remembered by many. He walks through his school as a ghost listening to what others have to say about him. We also get some past glimpses of his relationship with another boy from his school. This is a great film and I especially like the fictional touch in the midst of harsh reality.

Goodbye Charlie Gay short film

You can watch the film here.

Okay, this one’s an actual sad lesbian story. It tells us about two 17-year-olds, Carey and Audrey, who fall in love over a beautiful summer at their parents’ lake houses. The cinematography is gorgeous. The way the film ends is something that leaves the audience to decipher the meaning of.

War paint Lesbian short film

You can watch the film here.

My Basketball Captain Girlfriend
A happy lesbian film for a change! This is a Chinese short film about two girls in college, one of which notices the other while sitting idly with her friend. This is a very short film indeed but also very cute nonetheless. We never really get around to knowing the names of the girls, but I’ll tell you this, this film can be educating for someone looking to learn some smooth flirting skills.

My Basketball Captain Girlfriend Lesbian short film

You can watch the film here.

This is a story of two teen boys who decide to run away to Berlin to escape their controlling and toxic parents. It speaks of hopes, struggles, dreams and most importantly, the rebellious side of teenage. The story is very gripping, refreshing and will have you on your toes. The most imperative scenes have been shot really well. We seriously need more of such stories.

Escapade Gay short film

You can watch the film here.

The Last time I saw Richard
I totally was not ready for this movie to be what it is. Really. There are some horror elements in this film. I thought maybe ‘weird’ was the way to describe it but upon pondering more, I realised that it’s more than that. Jonah is a patient at the teen mental health clinic. He meets Richard, his new roommate whom he is forced to share his room with. Despite being reluctant to become friends at first, Jonah and Richard begin to develop a bond when they learn about each other’s mental struggles. The raw emotions and the compelling acting make it very realistic to watch the film.

The last time I saw richard Gay short film

You can watch the film here.

In a heartbeat
Bet you thought I had forgotten about this amazing film! I remember the first time I watched this I felt a rush of emotions. This is the story of Sherwin, whose heart is, literally, jumping out of his chest at the sight of his crush, Jonathan. Or as the film description itself says: “A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.” The fact that the story is so simple yet so heart-warming is something we should all be appreciative of.

I am eternally glad this film exists and is such a success, because, yes, we need more animated films with queer characters. Take some lessons, Disney!

In a heartbeat Gay short film

You can watch the film here.

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