Gender and Sex are two different things. Here’s how and why

gender and sex

Gender and Sex are two different things. Here’s how and why

There’s been (and will always be) a lot of speculation surrounding gender and sex – endless conversations about how the two are basically the same things and such. And if you too are one of those people, I would like to very much burst your bubble (because, like they say, knowledge is power and the correct knowledge is very much so!) and tell you that they’re, in fact, two very different things.

With that addressed, let’s talk about Sex

Intercourse aside, Sex is your biological or physical sex. Something you’re assigned at birth. So Sex can be defined as talking about someone based off of their physical characteristics, genes or hormones. That is, the presence of a penis or breasts, etc. thus dividing our society between males and females.

Albeit, intersex people with hormonal, physical and genetic features that of both a male and female also exist.

Pretty simple to understand, right?

Now, let’s get into the dissection of Gender

I do agree that the concept of Gender might be a little complicated to comprehend for some but it is also, truly, not that complicated.

Gender is something you identify as. It is one’s perception of themselves and has little or nothing to do with one’s reproductive organ. You can very well be born a male (your sex!) and still identify as a different sex than the one you have been assigned at birth.

To put it into simpler terms: Gender is defined as what you feel about yourself and how you’d like the world to see and address you. So, you can identify as binary (male, female or both) or non-binary (none).

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A quick tip: While referring to people you don’t know the gender of for certain, say, non-binary people, one uses the singular ‘they’ pronoun. So if you meet an amazing NB person, you might say, “Wow, they were so amazing!” Your friends/colleagues may say it sounds weird but the singular ‘they’ has been included in both Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries. So go use it!

However, society might have a different perception of gender (which is, unfortunately, more prevalent). They categorise people based off of their biological sex and expect them to behave a certain way, in accordance with their gender, of course. That’s why we have advertisements which show little girls liking Barbie dolls and little boys playing football. So, yeah, basically the stereotypical, society-forced gender roles.

Not completely off the topic, but, I’d like to insert a joke here just for the heck of it. Gender roles are the worst kind of bread.

So, yeah, to paint a picture, imagine Gender and Sex as a pair of socks. Only this time, you keep losing one of the socks and now you always have two different ones. That’s how unlike the two things are!

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