Pune Pride Walk 2019: the photos

pride march

On 2nd June, Sunday, Pune kicked off this year’s Pride March. The Indradhanu Pride Walk (as it’s called) was more special as a result of the historic decision by the Supreme Court to strike down Section 377 – something that the march focused on and voiced their opinions against all these years.

The rainbow colours in all its forms made for a very pronounced and pleasant view. The march began at Sambhaji Park on JM Road and went on to continue on the streets of FC and Shirole Road, ending again at Sambhaji Park.

Amongst the one thousand some people who were a part of this march, we managed to capture a few on our cameras. Take a look!

Where it all began.
Who says unicorns don’t exist?
We know what was behind the smiles.
Gay but make it fashun.
Because not all superheros wear capes, some wear sarees.
One of the straight allies
Because selfies with rainbows, right?
TYWM’s Sailee with Harish Iyer.
The non-cringey version, amirite?
pride march
Legit the cutest people we came across.
Damn, that hoodie!
Love wins.

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